We capture high-quality video and audio, edit it together, and present the video to you as one engaging product through the social media of your choice. Your video is guaranteed to be ready for display on your website, homepage or social media channel, hassle-free. If you’ve got a project you’re excited about, a brand to sell, or an event coming up, please don’t hesitate to contact us here! We’d be happy to dive in and work with you at any stage of development.

We can video or photograph your event – whether it be professional or personal – in a way that captures the highlights and the essence of the event, and is always interesting, appealing and always top-quality.

• Increasing brand recognition among internet users / brand positioning in internet
• Reinforcing a positive brand identity
• Improving the company image in comparison to the competition
• Increasing the time a user spends on the company website
• Event documentation – good memories and a useful archive for Your company employees, clients and sponsors

Key elements:
• Event reporting in HD video at any length for the Internet
• Presenting main attractions of the event
• Interviews
• Video Effects
• Text animations
• Intro and outro animation

Film production encompasses:
• Up to 6 hours on shooting location
• HD camera
• Lighting
• Sound equipment
• Editing and postproduction
• Music